Charging and Batteries

If you're looking to repair your starting system, charging system, or battery in Brevard, NC, you've come to the right place! 

How does my engine start? How does it stay charged?

The battery of each vehicle holds the power to start the engine. The charging system directs the energy through the electrical system while simultaneously keeping the battery charged. The charging system’s main components consist of the alternator and voltage regulator. The starting system sends power from the battery to the starter motor which turns the engine to start the internal combustion process.

Every part of the starting and charging system is important. Without all the links of these systems functioning, the engine will not start or work right. Your car also relies on a correctly operating battery. Car batteries are made to last, on average, 5 years or less in extremely hot climates. Your car battery should be replaced about every 4 years to prevent worse damages to your vehicle. 

Warning signs:

  • Trouble starting vehicle
  • Can’t maintain power after a jump
  • Dim headlights or brake lights
  • Flickering gauges

Egolf proudly services the charging systems, starting systems, and batteries of customers in Brevard, NC and surrounding areas.

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