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What does it mean if the check engine light comes on?

The check engine light can mean a variety of different things, with different issues and severities. You will need to have a diagnostics check done in order to fully understand the issue. If your check engine light is on, it can mean that your car is emitting higher levels of pollutants. A loose or missing gas cap can lead to higher emissions of hydrocarbons and other pollutants. It’s important to get check engine light issues resolved to keep your vehicle working efficiently, keep your gas mileage up, and keep your emissions as low as possible.

Is it safe to drive with the check engine light on?

Issues related to the check engine light are often minor. If your vehicle is driving like normal, it is usually safe to keep driving. However, you should eventually get it checked. It will save you money if you keep your car up-to-date with maintenance instead of waiting for bigger, more expensive problems to occur later.

If your check engine light is blinking or red instead of orange, you should get it inspected immediately. This indicates that there’s an urgent issue that requires your vehicle to get serviced as soon as possible. In this case, it can be dangerous to continue driving your vehicle without getting it examined.

Warning signs:

  • Decreased mpg
  • Service/check engine lights are lit up on the dashboard
  • Lower performance driving

Located in Brevard, NC, Egolf is happy to run a diagnostics check to determine the reason your check engine light is on.

What to do when your check engine light comes on:

  1. Check gauges and lights: Some of the dashboard lights and gauges can give you more information about why the check engine light came on. It could indicate you’re low on oil or your engine is overheating.
  2. Note when it came on: Did you just fill your vehicle with gas? If so, try taking off and putting the gas cap back on. Retightening it can make the check engine light go off after you start your car a few times to reset it.
  3. Get it inspected: When your check engine light comes on, it’s best to get your vehicle inspected by a professional. There are some do it yourself code readers that might tell you the issue. However, they only provide limited information, and you have to be knowledgeable about car maintenance for it to be useful.

We want to get your vehicle working efficiently! Egolf proudly serves the engine and performance needs of customers in Brevard, NC and surrounding areas.

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