Climate Control System

Problems with your heater blowers, temperature sensors, or AC components? We are here to help!

Climate control - How does it work? 

Climate control is different than air conditioning. Climate control blends warm and cool air to sustain a comfortable temperature that you have control of, instead of just blowing cold air. Dual and Multi-Zone climate control gives different areas of the vehicle control over the temperature in their area.

Automatic climate control systems use sensors throughout the vehicle to compensate for things like sunlight and body heat and maintain a consistent temperature to keep passengers comfortable in all conditions. Integrated heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), and sensors monitor and adjust the temperature to keep the cabin comfortable. 

Warning signs that you should inspect your HVAC:

  • Not desired temperature – sensors might be bad
  • No cool air – AC could be low on refrigerant
  • No air movement – could indicate a bad blower fan
  • Climate control isn’t doing anything – could have blown a fuse

Egolf is happy to inspect your climate control system to diagnose any issues.

How do you repair climate control that isn’t working?

Replacing HVAC parts can get costly, so you’ll want to get your vehicle inspected to make sure the correct parts are being replaced. Some issues might not require replacement parts. For example, the heater blower might not be working because it’s stuck or there’s a bad connector. It's better to repair those issues instead, because it'll save you money. Aside from the comfort of passengers, it’s important to have a functioning climate control system to keep your vehicle working in extreme temperatures. 

Egolf wants you to have a comfortable and safe ride every time, even in extreme weather. We proudly meet the climate control system repair needs of customers in Brevard, NC and surrounding areas.

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