Lube Oil and Filter Change

Are you in need of an oil change? You've come to the right place! 

The oil in your engine is very important. It keeps your engine components lubricated and friction low between parts. This helps to keep the engine cool. Oil also takes harmful debris away from the engine and catches it in the oil filter.

Oil should be changed every 3,000-5,000 miles or about every 3 months. Oil filters should be changed every or every other time you get your oil changed. You need to change your oil regularly to avoid wearing out different parts of the engine. Oil helps the engine work efficiently and properly, so without useful oil, your engine will suffer. Avoid expensive service needs in the future by routinely changing your oil and oil filter.

Located in Brevard, NC, Egolf is happy to change your lube, oil, and filters.

What are the signs that I need to get an oil change? 

  • Your oil is dark and thick
  • Your engine is jumpy or noisy
  • Your check oil light is on
  • Dry or almost dry dipstick – low oil
  • Overheating engine

Is it necessary to get oil changes?

Yes. You might get away with changing your oil less frequently than the manufacturer recommends, but you risk damaging your engine when you do this. If your oil is dark and thick, your oil is not doing its job. Your oil cannot lubricate properly and remove destructive debris when it is thick and dark. This could cause your engine to overheat or many other issues. To avoid harming your engine, get your lube, oil, and filters changed regularly.

We will examine your vehicle’s needs for oil care. We want to keep your vehicle working efficiently. Egolf proudly serves the oil changing needs of customers in Brevard, NC and surrounding areas.

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