Transmission Service

In order for your car to function correctly, the transmission is vital. It converts the engine’s force into a controlled source of power. The transmission converts the engine’s power into torque that turns the axles and then rotates the wheels in an efficient way. Using gear ratios, the transmission keeps the revolutions per minute (RPMs) for the engine and the wheels at optimal rates.

There are two different kinds of transmissions. Automatic and manual transmissions have different benefits and drawbacks, and they work slightly differently. Transmission fluid acts as a cooling agent that protects the transmission, keeps it from overheating, and lubricates the internal gears to prevent rust and corrosion. In an automatic transmission, the fluid also applies pressure and force to help change gears. Manual transmissions use clutches and gear shifts to do this.

Warning signs:

  • Excessive noise
  • Rough shifting between gears
  • Hesitations/delays between gears
  • Burning smell through vents
  • Transmission fluid leak
  • Slipping out of gear

Located in Brevard, NC, Egolf is happy to repair your transmission.

Is it safe to drive with a slipping transmission?

The answer is no. Slipping transmissions can be unpredictable and shift without warning. Failure to address a faulty transmission can cause other problems such as fluid leaks. If the transmission gets too bad, it can cause more expensive issues or even total vehicle failure.

We will examine your vehicle’s needs for transmission service. Egolf proudly serves the transmission repair needs of customers in Brevard, NC and surrounding areas.

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